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Tips of Graphic Design for Beginners

Tips of Graphic Design for Beginners

The trends of graphic design change with time and they make a new way for something new. Graphic design can be considered as an art in which the designers convey a message with the help of graphics. Graphic designers use various things like typography and page layouts along with the correct images for the creation of attractive designs.

Tips of graphic designs for beginners

These are the tips for beginners who are new to the graphic design:

The graphic should be very simple and attractive

The beginners should keep their designs as simple as possible. A cluttered and confusing design will not be helpful in any way. The fonts and text should be kept at the minimum the visual elements should be properly balanced.

1.      Usage of color palette

Color schemes and color palettes have their own importance. Graphic designers have to choose the colors. There are many pre-made color palettes available online and designers can find the wizard in these editing tools.

2.      Using white space

Spaces should always be kept between the design elements. White spaces will improve the look and feel of the design. White spaces can become a great asset for a design if they are used through proper planning and strategy.

3.      Use proper font face and size

Graphics can also contain text. The font face and size of the content should be chosen wisely. Do not stick to a single font. Try different types of font faces and sizes according to the project. Try and test different combinations and stick to the perfect font for an image.

4.      Usage of correct alignment

Different elements of an image should be aligned properly. There are many image editing software applications like Adobe Photoshop which can help in aligning the elements in the correct manner. The best way to align the elements is to use page margins.



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